Celestia is the first modular blockchain with a scalable general purpose data availability layer for decentralised applications and trust-minimised sidechains.

The core idea of Celestia is to decouple transaction execution (and validity) from the consensus layer, so that the consensus is only responsible for a) ordering transactions and b) guaranteeing their data availability. They believe that is the next generation of scalable blockchain architectures.

Where to start:

Enter the new modular blockchain era with Celestia!
Start earning rewards today by delegating your tokens with us.
If your passion is to be a validator, we have a large number of tools and guides at your disposal .
Find out how the incentivised testnet has been developed.
And for any questions that arise, the FAQ is ready to help you.

With Celestia, you're not just adopting a technology, you're leading the change.


  • Chain: celestia
  • Token: TIA
  • Status: mainnet