Cumulo we are a multipurpose ecosystem dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Our motto, "feeding your flame", reflects our dedication to driving innovative projects in this space. We value knowledge and training as the drivers of our activity, and pride ourselves on providing the tools and information needed to succeed in the blockchain ecosystem.

Why Cumulo?

CUMULO : Grouping of stars whose members are gravitationally bound to each other. The stars belonging to a cluster remain aggregated for hundreds or billions of years, even if the effects of galactic gravitational forces tend to disperse them.

Our Vision

Cumulo's vision is to become a recognized leader in the strength and growth of the blockchain network through network validation, a field in which it excels by its belief in the importance of active and meaningful engagement with the projects in which it engages as validators, creating content and providing technical and staking services. We aspire to be an innovative force and a crucial bridge in the global adoption and understanding of blockchain technology.

Our Mission

In terms of mission, Cumulo actively works to provide comprehensive support to global communities in the blockchain domain. This encompasses translating and adapting content, managing communities, and providing detailed and thorough technical support. In addition, we are dedicated to contributing to the stability and security of the various blockchain ecosystems through our validation and staking services.